The Highlight Pass

Turn any of your sports moments into an NFT.

Your pass to putting your sports moments into the Metaverse.

The Highlight Pass NFT Collection is a series of 7,777 Utility NFTs. The pass gives you access into the upcoming Web3 application where you make sports content into Top Shot like moments on the blockchain. Using our template(s) for card art, and customized Web3 contract, you can easily make  your highlights mintable onto the blockchain. You choose  your media, price, mint size and name of collection, and our platform will allow minting once the content is approved. The platform will then automatically put the collection on Opensea for you as each highlight is minted.

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Collection Utility

Creator Pass

Each NFT is a log in the next phase of our project, a highlight minting site. Your Highlight Pass allows you access to the site as a creator. Where your can use your media and our card art and contract to create a highlight on the blockchain.

Early Drop Access & More

Sports DeFi will have limited edition drops. We will collaborate with superstars in sports to give you exclusive access to never before released moment. Highlight Pass holders will always have initial access to these drops and more.


Each NFT is one vote is our DAO dedicated to providing funds and activities to community members, sports programs and the underserved.

Community-driven misson

SportsDeFi’s mission is to use Web3 to help athletes, underserved teams and leagues leverage Name, Image, and Likeness(NIL) from youth to retirement via NFTS and decentralized finance, creating a stream of recurring revenue.

7,777 Genesis Highlight Passes

Highlight Pass Roadmap

Launch Website, Begin Marketing Sprint: April 2023


By the first night of NFT NYC we will launch our website and begin our marketing sprint. Create collaborations with other NFT communities. These communities will get presale access.  We will create and launch highlight pass twitter account announcing website.

50% Sales

coming soon

Web3 Dev will go full time converting our web 2 product into a minting site for our holders approximate cost: 30K USD.

The upcoming Web3 application, is where you can then make your sports content into NFT collections on the blockchain. By using our design template(s) for card art and our custom Web3 contract, you can easily make your highlights mintable on the blockchain. Once you’ve chosen your media, price, mint size and name of collection, our platform will allow minting once approved. The platform will automatically put the collection on Opensea and randomize rarity for you as each person's highlight is minted.

100% Sales

coming soon

Show the community either where we are with Web3 product, or upon immediate sell out, deliver a timeline for completion.

Transfer 20% of all mint sales to the community wallet. Allocate 20% of all aftermarket sales received by SportsDeFi into the Highlight Pass Community wallet. Create community council. Create community voting mechanics using signature of holders only.

BEGIN PHASE 2: Impacting sports and communities world wide.

May 2023 Announce Mint Date

coming soon

In May we will announce our mint date and mechanics.

75% Sales

coming soon

Begin community vote on the free, community created, PFP mint for pass holders. The community will vote on all aspects of the project from type of art, artist, to traits and more.

Sports DeFi Team


Team headquarters

This is where the head coach mostly hangs out.


head coach

The founder, Tony Hubbard's personal, non-nft twitter, not much use then. Feel free to further look into me or reach out to me on Instagram under the same handle.

Jackson Hubbard / The Rookie

first sports defi rookie moment

Jackson is the founders son and our first ever rookie moment. He has yet to play any league game but he loves all sports. His rookie baseball moment will be minted during the initial mint and will serve as a highlight pass for the lucky minters. He is my love and inspiration for this project.

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